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Safer Roads

Creating Safer Roads For Everyone

Helping cities work towards Vision Zero

Every citizen wants safer streets. So it makes sense that most cities are either starting or implementing their plans to achieve Vision Zero. However, they all face what seems to be a universal challenge: a complete lack of data to identify safety hazards, determine what behaviors are causing safety risks, and the ability to measure the impact of their countermeasures.

Our goal is to help cities use predictive safety analytics to advance Vision Zero goals to eliminate deaths and serious injuries involving road traffic.

We aim to give safety teams the insights they need to drive real change in their cities, and ultimately help save lives.

Safer Roads

TrafficLink can actively change the behavior of an intersection to increase safety

Active safety measures

Active safety measures allow intersections to change their behavior to keep citizens safe, while also alerting drivers and connected vehicles of hazards in real time.

The World’s Smartest Intersection is in constant communication with the outside world. For example, if a pedestrian is crossing the street, the intersection itself can broadcast their presence to connected vehicles.

Because it’s able to detect cyclists and has live SPaT data, the World’s Smartest Intersection can detect cyclists in the dilemma zone and extend the green phase for them, allowing them to make it through the intersection safely. This combination of active safety measures and predictive safety analytics helps make streets safer for citizens.

Predictive safety analytics

Traditionally, cities have had to measure traffic collisions for several years before and after any safety measures are implemented to accurately quantify the effect of their efforts.

However, while cities wait for data, injuries and fatalities can occur, and crash data doesn’t tell them enough on its own, which is why predictive safety data and analytics are required to prevent them from occurring.

How The World's Smartest
Intersection Transforms
Traffic Operations

Just a few years ago, the traffic operations team in the City of Detroit, like many other cities, was relying on phone calls from concerned citizens and reports from other departments to know when something was wrong with their traffic infrastructure. Miovision has helped Detroit completely transform the way they identify and solve these day-to-day issues. Join our webinar on Wednesday July 18, at 1pm EST to learn how Detroit transformed their Traffic Operations using the World’s Smartest Intersection, and how your city can do the same.

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