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Efficient Operations

Operational Efficiency

Proactive traffic management

Many traffic operations teams still rely on concerned phone calls and reports from other departments to know when something is wrong with their traffic infrastructure. Now, Miovision has developed a brand new set of tools to proactively manage cities, completely transforming the way you can identify and solve issues.

With Miovision TrafficLink, traffic operations teams can identify issues in their network, triage and rank them, solve them, validate the fix, and communicate results internally. Using ATSPMs automatically generated by Miovision, your traffic team can find issues they may not have identified otherwise. This new data and visibility empowers your traffic team to solve traffic problems in just days.

Detroit TrafficLink map - computer view

Efficient Operations

Transform the way you identify and solve traffic issues

Detect and react to traffic problems

The World’s Smartest Intersection can detect a problem (such as a blockage), and automatically send information to other systems, such as an incident alert to Waze.

The World’s Smartest Intersection not only helps traffic teams respond to traffic problems in their city in a quantifiable way, but allows them to automate their response to issues.

Solve ten times the problems of the average traffic team, without being ten times the size.

Miovision can help transform traffic operations by:

  • Bringing connectivity to both new and aging cabinets for remote diagnosis and monitoring
  • Providing alerts and maps that show where traffic signals are experiencing issues
  • Producing analytics that identify problems within traffic networks, including pedestrian and other safety metrics
  • Producing report cards that identify how intersections are performing over time
  • Helping quantify improvements to the traffic network by showing how changes affect greenhouse gases, city economics, safety, and vehicle conflicts
If this, then that operation

Smart Operations

The World's Smartest Intersection provides a brand new set of tools for responding to incidents in real time. Using the common IOT workflow, If This Then That (IFTTT), we allow traffic teams to automate the process of responding to incidents in their traffic network.

How The World's Smartest
Intersection Transforms
Traffic Operations

Just a few years ago, the traffic operations team in the City of Detroit, like many other cities, was relying on phone calls from concerned citizens and reports from other departments to know when something was wrong with their traffic infrastructure. Miovision has helped Detroit completely transform the way they identify and solve these day-to-day issues. Join our webinar on Wednesday July 18, at 1pm EST to learn how Detroit transformed their Traffic Operations using the World’s Smartest Intersection, and how your city can do the same.

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