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Webinar: How Open Technology Enabled the World’s Smartest Intersection and Innovation in Detroit

Webinar: How Open Technology Enabled the World’s Smartest Intersection and Innovation in Detroit

The World’s Smartest Intersection is built on open architecture, allowing cities and their partners to create innovative solutions to age-old infrastructure problems. What started as an asset for the traffic team, quickly became a city-wide platform for innovation. Issues traditionally left to expensive, and proprietary vendors were solved by innovation on top of the Miovision platform.

The World’s Smartest Intersection expanded the innovation ecosystem, allowing the city to work with other vendors, academics, start-ups, public sector employees, and anyone else looking to build city-specific solutions. Because of its open platform, the World’s Smartest Intersection allowed Detroit to choose the technology they needed, rather than dealing with the traditional constraints of vendor lock-in.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, August 29 at 1pm EST to learn about how open technology enabled partnerships and innovation within the City of Detroit.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • The police department in Detroit is now able to use Miovision technology to provide patrol cars with Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) as well as a portal for monitoring intersections.
  • A partnership with Geotab reduced travel time for commercial vehicles and enabled new revenue streams for the city through Freight Signal Priority (FSP).
  • Other innovators like Wayne State University and App developers were able to use Miovision technology to develop and build new applications to benefit the city.

Our Speakers:

Dave Bullock

VP of Market Strategy

As Vice President of Market Strategy, Dave is responsible for ensuring that Miovision is developing solutions that deliver on our promise of helping cities build people-first mobility networks. He regularly leads Miovision’s collaboration efforts alongside city officials and partnerships with private sector leaders. Dave is passionate in his efforts to ensure that smart cities are built on open technology. He regularly speaks at events about how data is transforming city operations, the citizen experience, and the economics of public infrastructure. Dave lives in Waterloo, Canada and has degrees in Systems Engineering.

Jean Pilon-Bignell

AVP, Government and Smart City - Geotab

Leveraging a Masters of Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Jean uses a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen to develop innovative connected-vehicle, IoT, and smart-city strategies that maximize operating inefficiencies and profits. With over 10 years of Business Development experience in technology-driven industries, Jean has become a subject matter expert in technology implementation and digital transformation amongst private and public sector customers. As such, Jean has presented at a number of industry events, including: ITS World Congress, Smart City Summit, Enterprise IOT World Expo, Smart City Expo, and others.