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Webinar: Introducing the World's Smartest Intersection

Webinar: Introducing the World's Smartest Intersection

Unveiled at ITS America, The World’s Smartest Intersection is a groundbreaking technology showcase in Detroit, Michigan. Powered by Miovision TrafficLink, it features both the existing functionality and future capabilities of the Miovision platform.

In partnership with Sunny Jacob, Head of Traffic Operations with the City of Detroit, the World’s Smartest Intersection started as a transportation department initiative to help the city solve ongoing traffic issues, and has since evolved into a cross-city platform for open innovation. Miovision TrafficLink provides city staff with the ability to find new development partners that outpace the proprietary traffic ecosystem. The World’s Smartest Intersection is not one app, or a few surface-level features. Rather, it’s a collection of our latest thinking and engineering put into one place.

Join our webinar on Wednesday June 27, at 1pm est to learn about the technology behind the World’s Smartest Intersection.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • Transforming traffic operations with new tools to better manage infrastructure
  • Improving intersection safety for everyone in your city
  • The power of open technology that enables innovation and collaboration amongst city departments

Our Speakers:

Matthew Trushinski

Director of Marketing

Matthew Trushinski is the Director of Marketing at Miovision. He works alongside product experts to provide innovative solutions that build smarter cities. He’s passionate about traffic data, artificial intelligence, and how technology impacts cities and their citizens.

Dave Bullock

VP of Market Strategy

As Vice President of Market Strategy, Dave is responsible for ensuring that Miovision is developing solutions that deliver on our promise of helping cities build people-first mobility networks. He regularly leads Miovision’s collaboration efforts alongside city officials and partnerships with private sector leaders. Dave is passionate in his efforts to ensure that smart cities are built on open technology. He regularly speaks at events about how data is transforming city operations, the citizen experience, and the economics of public infrastructure. Dave lives in Waterloo, Canada and has degrees in Systems Engineering.