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Open Innovations

Open City

Open innovation for future technology

The World’s Smartest Intersection is built on open architecture, allowing cities and their partners to create innovative solutions to age-old infrastructure problems.

What may start as an asset for the traffic team, can become a city-wide platform for innovation. Issues traditionally left to expensive, and proprietary vendors can now be solved by innovation on top of the Miovision platform.

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Open Innovations

Expand your smart city ecosystem piece by piece, building each innovation on top of your existing investments

City collaboration

The World’s Smartest Intersection expands the innovation ecosystem, allowing the city to work with other vendors, academics, start-ups, public sector employees, and anyone else looking to build city-specific solutions.

Because it’s an open platform, the World’s Smartest Intersection allows cities to choose the technology they need, rather than dealing with the traditional constraints of vendor lock-in. For example, the police department in Detroit is now able to use Miovision technology to provide patrol cars with Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP).

Additionally, in partnership with Geotab, the World’s Smartest Intersection also enables Freight Signal Priority (FSP), which benefits private interests by reducing travel time and fuel consumption. FSP also benefits the city by unlocking a new potential revenue stream, reducing emissions, and decreasing noise pollution and wear and tear on roadways.

Open innovation

An open technology platform allows cities to expand their smart city ecosystem piece by piece, building each innovation on top of their existing investments. It enables cities to future-proof their infrastructure by ensuring both their current and future investments will work with their smart city platform.

How The World's Smartest
Intersection Transforms
Traffic Operations

Just a few years ago, the traffic operations team in the City of Detroit, like many other cities, was relying on phone calls from concerned citizens and reports from other departments to know when something was wrong with their traffic infrastructure. Miovision has helped Detroit completely transform the way they identify and solve these day-to-day issues. Join our webinar on Wednesday July 18, at 1pm EST to learn how Detroit transformed their Traffic Operations using the World’s Smartest Intersection, and how your city can do the same.

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